treatments against woodworm

Having woodworm at home is enough to suffer a total infestation, the woodworms in the larval stage are inside the wood feeding patiently and quietly the cellulose of the same, creating tunnels that will grow according to the size of the larva, can remain inside the wood for up to 3 years without being noticed. The woodworms are small beetles capable of ruining important wooden objects, buildings and works of art, it is therefore necessary to know the treatments against woodworm to avoid in this way its spread to new wooden furniture.

Treatments against woodworm

treatments against woodworms

When the woodworm reaches the adult stage and stop feeding on the wood, make a hole to the outside and fly out in search of a couple to reproduce, a female can place up to 80 eggs in a single laying which deposits in the slots of the wood so that once turned into larvae they can feed with tranquility.

Among the most effective treatments against the woodworm worldwide we have the following:

treatments against woodworm
  • Freezing: This is one of the most successful treatments against woodworm, if it is easy to handle objects you can place them in plastic bags and put them in freezers for a week.
  • Brush treatments: You can also apply with brushes some products such as sodium bicarbonate, boric acid and white vinegar to protect your furniture from woodworm.
  • Injection: By means of an injector you can introduce inside the wood a mixture of essential oil of mint, eucalyptus and rosemary, this will be ideal to eliminate the larvae that are inside.

It is important that you examine the wooden objects inside your home and if you see small holes in them means that you are facing an invasion of woodworm, I recommend isolating the object and apply the above treatments.