Restore wood affected by woodworm

Woodworms are insects that feed mainly on wood, causing significant damage to complete wooden buildings, works of art, furniture, beams among others, considered a pest from the economic point of view. The most dangerous stage is the larvae, since in this stage the larva enters the interior of the wood feeding on the cellulose of the same without the damage being observed outside, however it is not necessary to throw the object of infected wood, since there are some natural tricks with which you can restore the wood affected by woodworm without the need to resort to toxic chemicals.

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Restore woodworm affected wood

wood affected by woodworm

The first thing you should do if you have furniture, pictures, beams and wooden objects in general, is to carefully observe each one, the first sign that you are facing an invasion of woodworms is that there are small holes in the wood and remains of dust or sawdust in the surroundings.

The second step to follow then will be to eliminate the larvae, since it will be impossible to restore the wood affected by woodworm without first having cleaned it from the larvae that damage it inside. You will therefore need to prepare a mixture with baking soda, peppermint essential oil and lemon juice, place the mixture in a container with spray and sprinkle it on the affected wood, then wrap the wooden objects in plastic and leave them this way during one week.

woodworm wood restore

Once the larvae have been eliminated, the next step will be to restore the wood affected by woodworm, to do so you will have to apply on the surface of the wood with the help of a brush essential oil of rosemary and lavender, in this way you will be able to recover the wood a little. little, it is important that you repeat this process 3 times a week so that you can achieve the desired results.