Remove woodworm from wood

Removing woodworm from wood is not an easy task, it deserves a lot of patience and dedication, since it is larvae that are found inside the wood feeding on the cellulose from it. They are drilling small tunnels that will increase in size as the woodworm grows, they can remain inside the wood in the larval stage for up to 3 years without being detected.

Finally, they undergo a metamorphosis in which they turn into butterflies and go out of the wood in search of a couple to reproduce, in the adult stage they do not feed on the wood and have a short period of life.

How to remove woodworm from wood

how to remove woodworm from wood

The first thing you should do to remove the woodworm is to evaluate each wooden object inside your house, observe carefully and if there are small holes and dust of sawdust, there is no doubt that these insects are already there.

The next step will then be to isolate the infested furniture to prevent other objects from suffering in the same destination, wrap them in plastic and place them in an isolated room.

Subsequently, use the following home treatments to remove the woodworm:

treatments to remove woodworm
  • Spray white vinegar on the surface of the wood with the help of a spray.
  • Mix baking soda with water and essential oil of eucalyptus, then with a brush applied to the wood and let it dry, repeat this process three times a week.
  • Boric acid, ginger and water, another mixture that will be very useful especially if you put it inside the wood through cracks or holes in it, the cellulose in the wood will become harmful to the larvae that will die when consuming it. .
  • Prepare small cloth bags with cloves, basil leaves and lavender branches, place them on wooden furniture and these insects will move away.