Natural repellents against woodworm

The woodworms are insects belonging to the family Anobiidae, usually live inside the wood they feed on, performing internal perforations in the larval stage to finally make a hole that takes them outside in the adult stage. They are considered true pests capable of ruining large wooden buildings so it is very important to know the natural repellents against woodworms, thus preventing them from spreading to new wooden objects.

Natural repellents against woodworms

The woodworms are difficult to determine, since they are of small size and are inside the wood, only when they go outside we can see the holes and dust of sawdust or quera that is in the surroundings, so use natural repellents against woodworm is an excellent option to protect the furniture of our homes:

· White vinegar

woodworm natural repellents

Vinegar is a product often used to eliminate many kinds of insects, this time you must place in a container with spray white vinegar and lemon juice, then sprinkle this mixture on all wooden objects and woodworms will not approach.

· Boric acid and rosemary essential oil

Natural repellents against woodworm

To protect the wood from the larvae that feed on the cellulose of the same add boric acid, rosemary essential oil and water in a container, with the help of an injector placed this mixture in the interior of the wood through the holes or cracks it contains.

· Aromatic plants

natural repellent for woodworm

Another repellent against woodworms that are a great success is to have the presence of aromatic plants inside the house, plants such as mint, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus are a great option for insects do not come to your home.