Most common types of woodworm

The woodworms are small insects that feed mainly on wood in their larval stage, they are considered as pests from the economic point of view since they can ruin important buildings of wood, beams, furniture or works of art. There are 4 types of woodworm and it is necessary to know to attack them before they invade the entire place.

Types of woodworms

Adult woodworms often fly small spaces to mate and lay eggs, each female can deposit 85 eggs in a single laying, which are deposited in woods that are neither too old nor too tender, these eggs become larvae that feed on the cellulose of the wood, to later undergo a metamorphosis that takes them to the adult stage.

Among the main types of woodworm we have:

types of woodworm
  1. Hylotrupes bajulus: It is known as a domestic capricorn, they have a preference for dense woods like the beams of houses. Their larvae are large and can ruin buildings of wood in less than 3 years.
  2. Anobium punctatum: It is the most common woodworm, the larvae do not reach the adult stage until after 4 years, which allows them to feed on the wood going completely unnoticed.
  3. Xestobium rufovillosum: They have a larval cycle that varies between 4 and 6 years, among their favorite wood is oak, elm and birch. It is known as the beetle of the death clock due to the sound that males make in wood to attract females.
  4. Lyctus brunneus: Among the types of woodworm this is the one that is distributed throughout the planet, it is known as a wood moth, it has a more elongated shape than common woodworm and a reddish color. They have a life cycle of one year and feed on all kinds of wood.