Home remedies to kill woodworm

Woodworm, also known as you like because of the dust of sawdust that they leave around the wood when they come to the surface, are family insects of the beetles whose feeding is based on the cellulose of the wood, especially in the larval stage. Due to the significant damages that cause to important buildings of wood, furniture, doors, windows, works of arts, beams and more they are considered as plagues from the economic point of view, this problem can be controlled using home remedies to kill woodworm a fast and safe way.

Home remedies gainst woodworm

The woodworms have a life cycle that is divided into 4 phases: eggs, larvae, pupa and adults, but it is the larval stage that causes the most damage because they feed from the interior of the wood without being seen by the naked eye. reaching the adult stage they develop wings that allow them to be transported to a new wood to mate and reproduce.

Among the most effective home remedies to kill woodworm we have the following:

· Mint and lemon infusion

woodworm home remedies

Prepare an infusion of mint plant and lemon juice is quite simple, leave it to the fire for 20 minutes and rest for a day, then place the infusion in a container with spray and spray it for every corner of your home especially where they are furniture of wood, to control the existence of these insects inside the place.

· Lavender, rosemary and clove essential oil

home remedies against woodworm

Make a practical mix of essential oil of lavender, rosemary and some cloves, allow them to rest for two days to generate better results, then with the help of a brush or a clean towel pass through the surface of wood and woodworms they will stay away, since the aroma will be quite unpleasant for them.