Homemade tricks to kill wasps

Like all insects, wasps do not attack if they do not feel threatened, but most people make the mistake of trying to crush a wasp when we see it, for fear of being bitten by its poisonous sting, however, this attitude only makes things worse because the wasps when they are crushed release a pheromone that calls the rest of their companions, making the moment a terrible situation, so it is much more convenient to keep away the wasps, I want to show you some homemade tricks to finish with wasps without much effort and without using toxic chemicals.

Home tricks to eliminate wasps

Wasps are diurnal insects with the ability to sting are its sting, although its poison is not lethal to most people, for those who are allergic to poison can be very dangerous, as it is better to be safe than sorry, I invite you to know the homemade tricks to kill the wasps:

· Lemons and clove

homemade tricks to eliminate wasps

A good idea is to split some lemons in half and then embed in them cloves, then put them all over the house and the wasps will not come near because this smell is very repulsive.

· Laurel dry leaves

home tricks to eradicate wasps

If you take some dried laurel leaves and burn them inside your home, the smell will scare away not only the wasps but also the flies and mosquitoes, always taking care not to leave the fire burning for a long time.

· Jazmin and lavender

home tricks to kill wasps

Another of the homemade tricks to kill the wasps is to make small bags full of jasmine and lavender leaves, then distribute them around every corner of your home, as well as outside, your house will smell very good all day and the wasps will remain from distance.