Home solutions to eliminate wasps

The wasps are insects whose size varies between 1 and 2 cm, they are yellow with black spots, a very narrow waist and a poisonous stinger that allows them to defend themselves from their attackers, they are quite social they live in nests where only the queen can mate with the males and reproduce, the others must take care of bringing food to the colony. Having a nest of wasps in the garden or in the garage can be a challenge, since at any time they can decide to attack, so I want to show you some homemade solutions to eliminate wasps in a fast and safe way.

Home solutions to kill wasps

The venom of wasps is not dangerous for humans, except for those people who are allergic to this poison, so it is best to take the necessary measures to prevent these insects from being near your home.

Among the homemade solutions to eliminate wasps more effective we have the following:

· Boric acid

Home solutions to eliminate wasps

Boric acid is a very effective product to kill most insects, to eliminate wasps what you must do is to place the boric acid powder both at the entrance and exit of the nest, this should preferably be done by the night when the wasps are sleepy, when the wasps crawl over the boric acid to enter the nest they will carry with them the poison that will kill the whole colony inside the nest.

· Water and soap

home solutions to kill wasps

Among the homemade solutions to eliminate wasps we have water and soap, very easy to prepare and at the same time very effective, since wasps are diurnal insects, at night you can spray water and soap with the help of an atomizer, in the entrances and exits of the nest, when the wasps come in contact with the mixture their wings will stick and this will prevent them from flying what will cause them death.