Effective techniques to kill wasps

Wasps are insects endowed with a poisonous sting, a narrow waist, head, thorax, abdomen and several eyes with the ability to differentiate luminosity from darkness, are important for the environment since many species control certain pests in agriculture and others have a pollinating paper. However, not everyone likes the idea of ​​having wasps near their home, so knowing the effective techniques to kill wasps is essential to prevent them from nesting in the garden, trees, walls or under the floors.

Effective techniques to eliminate wasps

The wasps have adapted to virtually any environment but prefer sunny climates and warm temperatures to create their nest, in the winter time most wasps die, only the queens usually survive taking refuge within human constructions.

Among the effective techniques to kill wasps most used around the world we have the following:

· Onion infusion

Effective techniques to eliminate wasps

You can use this technique both preventively and to kill the wasps, you just have to peel and chop a large onion, place it with water on the fire, let it boil for 20 minutes, when it is at room temperature place it in a container with atomizer and spray through the garden, the doors and windows, the garage, the basement and any other place where you saw a wasp.

· Sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice

best techniques to eliminate wasps

Another of the effective techniques to kill wasps that you should not forget is to mix a spoonful of baking soda, with lemon juice and water, then with the help of a spray spray in each place of the house, you can also spray at the entrance of the Wasp nest during the night when they are asleep, to eliminate the colony completely. When the wasps can not leave the nest due to the lethal mixture in the entrance, they will die asphyxiated within their own construction.