Remove ticks from cats with 3 simple tricks

Cats like dogs can get ticks, small insects that tend to feed on the blood of pets in your home, here you will learn how to eliminate ticks from cats.

Remove ticks from cats with 3 simple tricks

The reason why you must eliminate the ticks from cats is because your pet can get sick, there are several diseases that your cat can get and can put at risk the life of the cat, it is even possible that one of your cat’s ticks can bite you and get sick of some disease.

remove ticks from cats

For this reason you should follow these tips to eliminate the ticks of the house cat:

1 - Eliminate ticks with chamomile

Did you know that chamomile can help you fight ticks? ticks can not stand the smell of chamomile. Prepare an infusion of chamomile, let stand the water of chamomile, when this warm, wet a cotton and you pass the same throughout the body of the cat.

Focus on those areas where ticks are concentrated like the ears, neck, head and legs.

2 - Remove ticks with sodium bicarbonate

This is one of the very effective natural remedies to get rid of the ticks of your pets. Mix a little baking soda with salt, add 4 ounces of apple cider vinegar.

With a spray apply it on the animal, focusing on the most affected areas taking care not to affect the eyes of it.

remove ticks from cats with simple tricks

3 - Remove ticks with tweezers

This is the classic practice of being able to get out of these little animals. You must take the cat and with a tweezer look for the ticks among its coat, with the tweezer firmly holding the insect and remove it from the cat’s skin.

For some this could be a very entertaining option, it is recommended to have patience and apply force when extracting the tick, keep in mind that the bite of the tick is powerful and occasionally.