Natural repellents to eliminate ticks

Ticks are considered to be the largest mite species, they feed on blood and carry numerous diseases for both humans and domestic animals. They have very interesting characteristics that allow them to survive for a long time, one of them is for example the capacity to store blood in their digestive system making it survive weeks and even months without feeding, the ticks also reproduce very quickly making their control be quite difficult, however, there are some natural repellents to eliminate ticks that are very useful to have at home.

Natural repellents to eliminate ticks

Natural repellents are the most recommended because they do not involve damage to the environment and are not toxic to health, among the most prominent we have:

· Lavender, lemon and cinnamon infusion

natural repellents to eliminate ticks

This infusion is undoubtedly one of the most effective when it comes to eliminating ticks, to prepare it you must place in a bowl with water, juice of 3 green lemons, some branches of lavender and cinnamon powder, let it boil for 15 minutes, when it is at room temperature place the infusion in a container with spray and spray throughout the house, only the aroma will make the ticks die asphyxiated.

· Cinnamon oil and baking soda

Natural repellents to eliminate ticks

Another natural repellent that you should not stop using in your home to keep these infectious mites miles away, you just need to place in a container with water spray, some drops of cinnamon oil and baking soda, let it sit for two days and then spray the mixture for each space in your home, especially in the doors, windows, garden and especially in the area where your pet sleeps.

It is important that at least 3 times a week you spread these natural repellents throughout your house so that the ticks do not get close and if there is any dying before reproducing.