Homemade tricks to end ticks

Ticks usually stay in places where there is high vegetation where they wait for a victim to pass quickly to fasten because they do not have the ability to jump like fleas, then get hooked on the skin thanks to the mouth parts they have and begin to feed of blood without the victim being able to notice it. The sting of a tick can cause various diseases such as typhus or Lyme disease, it is therefore necessary to be aware of the home tricks to kill the ticks quickly and effectively.

Homemade tricks to end ticks

It is not necessary to resort to complicated, expensive and dangerous treatments, since using the home tricks to eliminate ticks you can get the desired results in an easy, simple and safe way.

Among most recommended tricks to eliminate ticks thanks to its fast effectiveness we have the following:

· White vinegar

home tricks to eliminate ticks

White vinegar is a product that can help you avoid ticks in your home, you just need to spray it in all the corners three times a week and any tick that is around will die on contact with the vinegar.

· Garlic

Homemade tricks to end ticks

Consuming garlic is a great option to repel ticks naturally, include it in your food and your pets, through the pores will sprout the effect of garlic that will make any tick flee.

· Tea tree oil

home tricks to kill ticks

Another natural repellent is tea tree oil, you only need to apply a few drops on your skin and your pet’s coat before going out to the garden or for a walk, the ticks will not be attracted and therefore will not get close.

You can also use cinnamon essential oil and the effect will be similar to that of tea tree oil.