Diseases that a tick can transmit to your pets

The tick is a parasite that feeds on the blood of another living being, you can often find it in the tall grass, waiting at the tip to get hooked on any animal, here you will know what diseases can be transmitted by a tick.

Pets like dogs or cats are the ideal victims for this little animal.

These mites are a major threat to the lives of pets, since they have the ability to transmit infectious diseases that endanger the health and even the life of any animal.

Not to mention that they can also affect humans.

Diseases that a tick can transmit to your pets

Diseases that a tick can transmit to your pets

These diseases are the following:

Lyme's disease

Also known as Borreliosis is an infectious disease that is caused by the black-legged tick, this disease causes conditions at the level of the animal’s skin, it also often spreads to the joints causing your pet to suffer from arthritis.

Other symptoms caused by this disease is fever and sometimes may present neurological problems.


It is a disease caused by the American tick of the dog, it is the culprit that your pet suffers from the fever of the Rocky Mountains, the affected pets suffer from inflammation and necrotizing vasculitis, in addition its sting can cause paralysis to the animal.

This disease is deadly in pets and for humans it could cause serious consequences to health.

Diseases that a tick can transmit to your pets


This disease occurs usually in young animals, usually aggravated if it has a weak immune system, the tick bite at the time of feeding transmits this disease that can also lead to paralysis.

By last

These are some of the diseases that can transmit a tick, take all kinds of precautions so that your health or that of your pet is not affected.

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