1. Identification data

In accordance to law 34/2002, July 11th, from Services of Information and Electronic Commerce Society, we inform that the owner of howtogetridof.net (from now on the “Website”) is: Xisco Sánchez.

2. What is howtogetridof.net?

howtogetridof.net is an informative website.

3. Terms and Conditions acceptance

3.1 Access and/or use of the Website is subordinated to the Terms and Conditions that are expressed next, to the Privacy Policy, and current legislation, and gives the person who accesses, uses and/or contributes Content to the site the condition of user.

3.2 When accessing and/or using the Website, the user accepts, without exception or limitation, the present Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.

3.3 In the case of not accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the user must refrain from accessing and/or using the Website, having to abandon it immediately.

3.4 The user will not be able to use the Website or accept the Terms and Conditions if:

(a) is not legally able to create a binding contract with howtogetridof.net, or

(b) the access, use and/or supply of Content were to be contrary to legislation that should be applied.

3.5 howtogetridof.net, reserves the faculty of creating changes and updates of the information contended on the Website at any moment and without the need for previous warning, as well as the settings and its presentation and the access terms and conditions that the site uses. The user will be obliged by the current terms and conditions at the moment he or she accesses the Website automatically, which is why he or she must periodically read the present Terms and Conditions.

4. Availability and Website access.

4.1 the Website user is obliged to use the site according to the present Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and current legislation by accessing it, and accepts their use, as well as that of its content and/or services that are used under the user’s exclusive and unique responsibility, assuming in front of howtogetridof.net or in front of third parties, any perjury or harm that can be caused as a consequence of the breach of such obligation.

4.2 The Website offers the user the possibility to sign up. The user is responsible for giving truthful and exact information to register as well as the subscription to any of the available services on the Website. Moreover, the user is responsible of carefully and confidentially guarding his/her username and password and to notify howtogetridof.net on any incident regarding this subject.

4.3 In order to protect the rights of underage users, the Website contains certain sections that have restricted access for these users.

5. Website content

5.1 howtogetridof.net will discard, deny publishing or get rid of any Content that are related to any of the content detailed in the following section, that violates any of the intellectual property rights or any other third party rights if howtogetridof.net considers so in full discretion as long as it does not conform a discriminatory act.

5.2 As an informative gesture but not limiting, howtogetridof.net will not publish or will get rid of Content that:

  1. relates to offensive or discriminatory content for reason of sex, race, religion or any other social or personal circumstance,
  2. encourages harassment, hatred or physical and/or psychological violence, may it be abusive or intimidating,
  3. if it is false or misleading or encourages or relates to activities that are illegal, inmoral, attempting against public order, menacing, violent, pornographic, obscene, injurious or slanderous,
  4. contain information that represents or creates a risk for any person’s privacy or security,
  5. contains information that promotes the creation of computer virus or that contains virus or other malware within,
  6. implies commercial and/or sale activities without previous written consent by howtogetridof.net, as well as advertising, competitions, raffles, pyramid schemes or others,
  7. imply the transmission of “spam” or “chain messaging”, or sending non-solicited mass spamming messages,
  8. offer restricted access pages or hidden pages or images,
  9. include personal data, including images or video of another person without having the person’s consent to do so,
  10. promote propaganda and/or symbols of illegal or unconstitutional organizations,
  11. violate or promote industrial and intellectual property rights, rights of honor, intimacy, image, commercial rights, contractual rights or any other right that any person or entity has, and
  12. constitutes or promotes behaviour or attitudes that can be understood as mistreatment of animals or people.

5.3 All Content that the user wishes to publish will be previously revised by howtogetridof.net without assuming responsibility for any such revision labor to detect Content that, according to the person’s criteria, can be illicit or inappropriate. howtogetridof.net will not be responsible for content that is finally published nor for the user’s interaction with published content.

5.4 If Content could be violating intellectual property rights or any third party rights, howtogetridof.net will delete it from the Website or will block access to it if a competent organization declares so, as the current legislation establishes.

6. Engagement mechanisms

6.1 The Website contains forums and other engagement tools.

6.2 The user’s comments in any engagement tool reflect the user’s and not howtogetridof.net’s opinion, whom does not hold responsibility of opinions published by users through these mechanisms.

6.3 howtogetridof.net reserves the right to delete or edit comments that are considered inadequate. Any space of discussion on the Website will be able to close at any moment and without previous warning. Moreover, howtogetridof.net will be able to restrict access to those users who re-offend in an inadequate attitude.

7. User account cancellation

The user will be entitled to cancel his/her Website account at any given time through an enabled mechanism designed to do so on the Website. Account cancellation does not give the user power to delete Content given to howtogetridof.net as intellectual property rights on these are exclusively given to howtogetridof.net.

8. Disclaimer

8.1 howtogetridof.net will not be responsible for harm derived from the use of the Website, or of any act made based on the information that is presently on it.

8.2 howtogetridof.net is not responsible for any possible security errors or disconnections that can be produced nor of possible harm that can be caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), files or stored documents on it, as well as the consequences of the presence of virus on the user’s computer, used for the connection to the Website, or of a bad use of the browser or the use of non updated versions of it.

9. Responsibility for links from other web pages to howtogetridof.net

9.1 Any user who wishes to offer howtogetridof.net’s content on his/her own website will be able to include a link to the main page of the WebSite.

9.2 Web pages that offer a link to the Website will be able to use the brand, logo, commercial name and/or any other distinctive howtogetridof.net sign only in legally authorized cases or when specifically allowed by howtogetridof.net.

9.3 The user will not be able to reproduce the Website in any way on their own web site nor will he/she be able to establish frames of any kind that surround the Website or allow visualization through other Internet addresses or next to content external to it, so that an error or confusion can be produced in the public on the source of Content, implies an act of comparison or disloyal imitation, with the aim to take advantage of the reputation and brand name of howtogetridof.net or is done in any forbidden way according to current legislation.

9.4 Any user that adds a link to the Website will not be able to express any false or misleading information about howtogetridof.net, its collaborators and/or clients or about the quality of the offered Content under any circumstances.

9.5 Web pages that offer a link to the Website will not offer illicit, harmful, immoral content or that can produce the false idea that howtogetridof.net backs the ideas, expressions or actions of such users or that are inadequate in relation to the activity that howtogetridof.net develops.

10. Responsibility for links from howtogetridof.net to other websites.

10.1 With the aim to help users search for information or interesting services, the Website will be able to include hyperlinks or links to other websites that are not property of howtogetridof.net or are controlled by it. howtogetridof.net does not control content, legal conditions or privacy policies of third party websites nor assumes responsibility for any of these.

10.2 The user acknowledges and accepts that the access to other websites does not mean that howtogetridof.net recommends or approves the content within those and that howtogetridof.net will not be held responsible for any loss or harm the user may suffer as a consequence of the availability of such websites, or as a consequence of the credibility that the accuracy, precision or existence of any information offered through such websites.

10.3 howtogetridof.net will delete or deny access to the Website, to any links that lead to illicit activities or that harm the rights or goods of any third party, as long as a competent authority declares so, as the current legislation establishes.

11. Forbidden activities

11.1 The user will not be able to develop any criminal or illicit activities, including but not limiting, underage pornography, underage corruption, fraud, obscene material trafficking, drug trafficking, gambling, harassment, commercial and industrial secret stealing, spamming, virus sending or other harmful data, breaching the intellectual and industrial laws, breaching rights of honor, intimacy and image, as well as any other rights.

11.2 The user will not be able to interfere or disrupt hardware, software or networks through which the Website is offered through virus, bots, worms or any other type of code, file or program.

11.3 The user will not be able to avoid or modify howtogetridof.net’s security to avoid any technology or software or to collaborate in such tasks.

11.4 The user will not be able to impersonate or try to impersonate the rest of the users on the Website.

11.5 The user will not be able to exhibit non-authorized commercial advertising by the Website or use the Website’s content in order to create non-authorized commercial advertising or in any other way, abuse, stalk or harm another person or entity.

12. Underage users

The Website is aimed at users above fourteen (14) years of age, howtogetridof.net being exempted by any non-authorized access or use of the Website.

13. Advertising

The Website can host advertising content or be promoted. Advertisers and promoters are responsible of assuring that the material sent to be added to the Website comprises with any law that may be applied. howtogetridof.net will not be held responsible for any mistake, inaccuracy or irregularity that the advertising or promoting content may contain.

14. Data protection

howtogetridof.net will treat personal data recorded through the Website according to our Privacy Policies.

15. Intellectual and industrial property rights

15.1 The Website is protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. As an informative and non excluding character, Content, graphic design, source code, logos, text, graphics, illustrations, photographs and other elements appearing on the Website. This is why, the user acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation and any other form of exploitation in general, through any procedure, of all or part of the Web Site is an infringement of the intellectual and industrial property rights of howtogetridof.net or of the right holder of it, except that of users who have had previous consent given to them.

15.2 howtogetridof.net is the legitimate right holder of the exploitation rights of the published Content on the Website, around the world, for a perpetual length of time, in an absolute and limitless nature. Particularly and in an informative and non-limiting manner, howtogetridof.net will be able to totally or partially reproduce, commercialize, broadcast, translate, publish, print, alter, transform, adapt and refresh Content and create contracts with third parties to give in its use, arrange its distribution and even give in all exploitation rights.

15.3 All logos, brands, commercial names and other distinctive signs of any kind of content on the Website are also protected by law.

15.4 The user will not be able to modify or use such intellectual and industrial property in a way that its dissemination means a perjury to howtogetridof.net. howtogetridof.net will claim any damage or perjury derived from improper use of its intellectual and industrial property by third parties.

15.5 howtogetridof.net does not give any license or authorization of use of any kind of intellectual and industrial rights or of any other right or property related to the Website, its services or its Content.

16. Breach notification

16.1 In the case that the user infringes intellectual and/or industrial rights or any other type of third party rights, he/she will be summoned by howtogetridof.net in the moment in which the site is in knowledge of such breaches in order to cease the publication of breaching Content. In such case, the user will answer for such breaches and howtogetridof.net will deny access to the user on the Website.

16. 2 If any person or entity considers that Content published on the Website breaches their intellectual and/or industrial rights, his/her rights to honor, intimacy, image or any other right, he or she will be able to communicate so to howtogetridof.net through any of the contact source mentioned on the Website under the subject ” Rights breach”, asking for the removal of information and giving the following information:

  1. identification of protected rights by current legislation that are considered to be breached,
  2. identification of the Content that is presumably breaching the rights in question, with reasonable and enough information to allow howtogetridof.net to pinpoint such material on the Website,
  3. contact data information (physical or electronic address and phone number) so that howtogetridof.net can communicate with such person or entity,
  4. a declaration by the person or entity in which confirmation that the information included in the warning is true and exact and that the person or entity is the right holder of the presumably breached rights or has been appointed in name of it should be included, and
  5. a copy of ID, passport or other official documents that confirm the person’s identity.

howtogetridof.net will attend such petition and if it is considered necessary for such person or entity has justified motifs or causes to ask for the removal of such Content, howtogetridof.net will proceed to the immediate elimination of the Content from the Website so that they are not accessible to users, not even through cache memory.

17. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The present Terms and Conditions are ruled and interpreted according to the current Spanish legislation.

Any controversy, claim or dispute regarding interpretation, execution and/or resolution of the present Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the Court and judged in the city of Barcelona.

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