Natural repellents against termites

Termites are insects that are also known as white ants, termites and moths, they feed on the cellulose of wood and its derivatives, they have a life cycle that is divided into 3 stages; egg, nymph and adult, in the adult stage some species develop wings that allows them to move to a new place and form their own colony. Termites can attack from small picture frames to important wooden buildings, so knowing the natural repellents against termites is a great idea.

Natural repellents against termites

Most of the furnishings in our homes are made of wood or derived from it, which means that we can suffer an invasion of termites at any time.

I invite you to know the best natural repellents against termites, easy to use and very effective:

- Rosemary and Lavender essential oil

Natural repellents against termites

Among the natural repellents against termites we have the essential oils of rosemary and lavender, ideal to give a pleasant aroma to your home, keep the wood of your home beautiful and the best free of the annoying termites, just add a few drops of both oil in a clean towel and pass it through each of the wooden objects, without forgetting any, repeat this process weekly so that the protective effect of the oils does not disappear.

- Lemon and clove

natural repellents against termites

The mixture of the aroma of lemon with that of cloves is unpleasant for termites, it causes a disorientation which causes them to move away from the place quickly, you just have to take some lemons and split them in half, then place inlaid cloves in the lemons and distribute them for each space of your home, it will be a natural repellent quite effective, remember to renew the lemons every 4 days so that this technique can continue to be effective.