how to know if there are termites at home

Termites should be eliminated because they are pests that can destroy houses little by little, they live especially in tropical and subtropical climates, they feed on wood, paper and material rich in cellulose. It is important to know if there are termites at home to exterminate it.

Depending on the site, these species become difficult to identify immediately because they are practically invisible to man, because they are working in the wood.

How to know if there are termites at home

termites at home

It should be noted that this type of insects flee from light, it can be said that this type of plague is so clandestine that today professionals who excel in eliminating termites, depend on a specialized device to listen through a Septum to detect if there is a termite colony.

One of the most obvious signs of the presence of dry wood termites, are the traces of excrement thrown through holes made by workers who are then covered with mud.

Sometimes they make tunnels in the surfaces of the floor, wall or wood, so you can know when they are present in a certain place such as: a house or building that has been made, finished with wood.

Seeing the ripples of the paint or the discoloration of the wood painted with varnish is another symptom of the presence of termites at home. If you press a wooden surface with your finger and it sinks, you definitely have termites at home.

there are termites in my home

It is important to point out that there are some termites that live in the wood, but there are others that are under the ground, that is to say, they are subterranean termites, mostly they look for the humid sites although they can also invade dry places.

These are a great source of income for exterminators of these insects because they can cause great damage to property and therefore economic losses, so you must learn from this article how to know if there are termites at home.