Homemade tricks to end termites

Termites are insects known as white ants, termites or moths, they lack wings, however, in the mating stage some develop wings that allow them to move to a new place and found their own colony. Termites are very sociable live in termite mounds that build in the form of mounds or under the ground, each colony can contain up to 3 million individuals, where only the queen or the queens are responsible for laying the eggs, there are many homemade tricks for finish with the termites avoiding in this way that they become a plague ruining all the wood that is at your reach, including the objects of your home.

Homemade tricks to end termites

The reason why termites like wood so much is because they contain protozoa inside their organism that are responsible for processing the wood’s cellulose, so in a very skillful and silent manner the termites ruin the wood inside and we can not notice it because superficially you can see it intact.

Next I want to show you the most infallible homemade tricks to finish with the termites:

· Lemon juice

Homemade tricks to end termites

The citric component of the lemon is ideal to protect the wood of the termites, you can squeeze some lemons and with the help of a spray to spray the surface of the wood, another way of doing it is also cutting the lemon in half and passing it directly on the wood.

· Rosemary essential oil

home tricks to kill termites

Among the easiest to use home tricks to kill termites, it is to apply with a clean towel rosemary essential oil on all furniture, tables, doors, frames, pictures and any wooden object that exists inside your home.

You must repeat this process at least once a week, so that your wooden possessions are always protected from termites.