Effective techniques to kill termites

Termites are insects that are characterized by feeding on the cellulose contained in wood and its derivatives; they are quite social; they live in colonies that are subdivided into castes; workers, soldiers and reproducers, where the workers watch over the food and welfare of the colony, the soldiers defend the colony and the reproducers are the queens destined to mate and lay eggs, the termites are considered silent plagues that can destroy constructions of wood, furniture, works of art and stored food causing great economic losses, so knowing the effective techniques to kill termites is a significant advantage.

Effective techniques to kill termites

Some termites build mounds near the wood from which they feed, while other species are underground and their termite mounds are under the ground, which further impedes the perception of their existence.

Among the more recommended effective techniques to kill termites we have the following:

· Boric acid

boric acid against termites

Boric acid is one of the most effective techniques to kill termites, this is because it is easy to obtain, to apply and gives excellent results, you only need to mix the boric acid with water and then soak the wood with said mixture, trying to get to the inside of it, when the termites are fed cellulose will die to ingest the acid.

· White vinegar

Effective techniques to kill termites

Another way to kill termites in a simple and economical way is by injecting white vinegar into the cracks or holes of the wood, this you have to do it frequently so that you can keep your wooden furniture free of termites.

· Aloe vera

techniques to kill termites

Aloe vera is a very effective plant to prevent termites from ruining the wood of your house, you only need to crush the crystals of it, mix them with water in a container with atomizer, let it stand for 2 days and then spray on the surface of the wood.