Natural strategies to eliminate spiders

Having spiders in the house can represent a great danger since all spiders are poisonous and some species are considered deadly for humans, in addition spiders weave cobwebs through which they catch their prey or use as a refuge, these webs are quite annoying and synonyms of poor hygiene in the home, but you do not have to worry because today I will show you the natural strategies to eliminate spiders in an easy and safe way.

Natural strategies to eliminate spiders

It is true that there are many pesticides and insecticides quite effective to eliminate the root problem but it is toxic treatments that can affect your children and pets, therefore it is much safer to use natural strategies to eliminate spiders.

1.White vinegar

Natural strategies to eliminate spiders2

Vinegar is a product full of many benefits for the home, among these benefits is to eliminate spiders, you just need to add white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then sprinkle on spiders and their cobwebs to thus end their possible offspring

It is important that you frequently spray the vinegar in all corners of your home so that the spiders are completely eliminated.

2.Pass the vacuum

Natural strategies to eliminate spiders3

Another of the natural strategies to eliminate spiders is the use of the vacuum cleaner, 3 times a week you must vacuum each space in your home, once the cleaning is completed, throw the vacuum cleaner bag to avoid spiders from leaving.

3.Lavender essential oil

Natural strategies to eliminate spiders

Spiders hate the smell of lavender, put a few drops of lavender essential oil on a clean towel, then run the towel over the furniture, tables, door frames and windows, that will prevent spiders from approaching your home. It is necessary that you apply the oil every 2 days so that it does not lose its effect.