Killing spiders with home remedies is very easy, learn how!

Do you want to get rid of the spiders in your house? these annoying little animals that frequent your home leave the corners of your house dirty, in addition some species of arachnids are dangerous for humans, this is why you must learn to kill spiders with home remedies.

Kill spiders with home remedies

kill spiders with home remedies

The repellents made at home are just as effective as those you buy in the store, here are some home remedies you can use to kill spiders:

Mint oil

Spiders can not stand the smell of mint, sprinkle some water with 15 or 20 drops of peppermint oil in the places where these animals are

For greater effectiveness you can impregnate a cotton with this oil and leave it in the corners or holes that are the preferred hiding places of spiders. In the same way, you can try eucalyptus oil, lavender or tea tree.

Eliminate food

It is very difficult but you can try to starve them, the light attracts the insects, remember that it is the favorite food of the spiders.

Avoid the entry of insects into your home, leave the outside lights of the house turned off so that the insects do not approach, as there is no food in your home they will die of hunger or most likely they will leave your house, at last and finally you eliminate them from your home.

Mix water and tobacco

home remedies kill spiders

A natural and traditional way to kill spiders is to boil a little water with a handful of pipe tobacco or rolling tobacco, this mixture can be applied in the form of dew in those dark places that frequent these arachnids.

Make it yourself

For many it is entertaining to have to hunt spiders and kill them with a shoe or flyswatter, you can consider it a very funny and quite effective home remedy, because you make sure they die and do not reproduce.

By last...

Killing spiders with home remedies may be the best solution to this arachnid problem, since you stop spending money on products that will do the same. visit this article: Effective techniques to kill spiders.