Homemade tricks to kill spiders

Having spiders at home is not only annoying because of the constant cobwebs left in each corner, but it is also dangerous, since all spiders have poisonous glands, there are even species whose poison can be lethal to humans and pets, as well It is important to know the homemade tricks to eliminate spiders, thus avoiding a serious problem.

Home tricks to eradicate spiders

Spiders belong to the order Araneae and have more than 44,000 species distributed throughout all continents except Antarctica, have the ability to produce a thin silk with which they elaborate their webs which allows them to catch prey, build shelters and move from one place to another. another with the help of air currents.

To avoid that these animals decide to live in your house, know the best home tricks to kill the spiders in a fast, economic and simple way:

· Aromatic plants

home tricks to eliminate spiders

It is not a secret that aromatic plants work as an excellent repellent for spiders and insects, you can choose to plant these plants in your garden or prepare bouquets with lavender, eucalyptus, mint, parsley, ginger and laurel and place them in each space of your This will cause the spiders to flee because they will not tolerate the aroma.

· Boric acid and water

homemade tricks to eliminate spiders

Among the different home tricks to kill spiders boric acid is one of the most effective, you just have to mix it with water and place it in a container with atomizer, when you see a spider sprayed with boric acid and will cause you a certain death.

· Lemon juice and salt

lemon juice against spiders

Another strategy that does not fail to kill spiders is to prepare lemon juice and add a little salt, then in places where there are sprays spraying lemon juice, you will cause dehydration to spiders and kill their eggs.