Effective techniques to kill spiders

There are more than 45,000 species of spiders distributed throughout the world, are characterized by possessing poisonous glands that can be fatal depending on the victim, some species have a poison so toxic that it can kill humans if treatment is not applied on time. They are solitary predators that weave webs to catch their prey, move from one place to another, take refuge and lay their eggs, if you do not want to have these dangerous animals inside your house, I invite you to know the effective techniques to kill spiders.


The best way to prevent spiders from being around your home endangering the lives of your children or pets, is knowing the effective techniques to kill spiders, you do not need to spend large sums of money or use toxic products, only with home remedies you can get.

- Vacuum the house

Effective techniques to kill spiders

A fairly simple but practical way is to vacuum the house at least every 3 days, this way you can collect all the cobwebs that exist in your house along with the eggs and spiders that are there, you must not forget to remove the bag so that Do not get out again.

- Clean with apple vinegar

techniques to kill spiders

Among the effective techniques to kill spiders vinegar should not be missing, for this occasion you should clean your home twice a week with apple cider vinegar instead of the common disinfectant that you use, any spider that has entered your home will die quickly thanks to the acid component and antibacterial that it contains.

- Clove, cinnamon and tobacco

effective techniques kill spiders

An excellent repellent for spiders, prepare small sachets with cloves, cinnamon and ground tobacco and put them on the doors, windows, basements and exteriors of the house, the mixture of these three aromas is harmful to spiders, chasing them away immediately.