Spiders: The definitive guide and how to eliminate them

Spiders are one of the animals that abound in all kinds of places but that usually go unnoticed by some people, who do not pay them due attention, until they realize that they have been viciously invaded; and it is that although it is said that these small bugs can help us get rid of other pests, we must not forget that they are also part of that group of unwanted guests, and that, once we give them the freedom to live in our homes, they will proliferate until it becomes a huge headache.

Well, so that you have an idea of ​​the problem that these animals could get to you, we have brought you a lot of information about it and some tips that will help you to end the spiders in a safe and very effective way.

What are spiders?

Many believe that spiders are just another insect in the pile, but the truth is that they are not right. Like scorpions, ticks and mites, spiders are arachnids and should not be included in the broad family of insects. In fact, one of the simplest differences to detect between one and the other is the number of legs they have, as arachnids, and of course spiders, have 4 pairs of legs (8 legs in total), while insects have only 3 pairs of legs (6 legs in total).

We can find spiders especially in the bushes, in the trunks of fallen trees, in the pastures, under the stones and on the ground, but, as you already know, they also make their nests on the roofs and corners of the houses, as well as in boxes and other objects made by man.

Now, let’s see what are the reasons why these animals may appear in our homes.

Why do spiders appear?

Okay, we’ve already said that spiders like to be among the bushes, grass and nature itself, so if you have a garden or something like that, it’s very likely that these bugs are already weaving their webs and getting comfortable in that place.

In addition to this, these types of arachnids also tend to appear near objects such as cardboard boxes and other similar ones, because many insect pests are attracted to these places and, very intelligent, the spiders go there to lay their traps to get some snack . So, if you have many cardboard boxes stored in some corner of your house, it is very likely that you have at least one small spider living among them.

why do spiders appear

The same happens in places where there are usually pieces of firewood, so it is recommended not to carry this type of objects inside the house, to avoid that we end up sharing our home with these unpleasant bugs. Also, everything that is dirt, dust, plants and fertilizer residues also attracts spiders, so the ideal thing is to make sure that there is none of this or in the most hidden corner.

It is important to bear in mind that these animals can also manifest as pests in places that have been built near areas with nests or large concentrations of spiders, since, when invaded, they get out of control and seek to establish themselves in the place that has been manufactured in the vicinity or on your old home.

Types or species of spiders

Currently there are more than 42,000 species of spiders around the world, but next we will talk about some of the most common that can appear in our homes.

Wolf spider

wolf spider

This type of spider is quite agile and very fast, and also has very developed senses, just as if it were a wolf. It is characterized by having a total of 8 eyes and their colors may vary depending on the habitat in which they are.

Black widow

black widow

This is one of the most feared spider species in the world, and this is because they are extremely poisonous. Some confuse them with ordinary spiders because they tend to be brown instead of black. Special care should be taken with females of this species because they tend to attack. They differ from the males by having stains or red spots on their bodies, which can be associated with a danger signal.



This type of spider has become very popular due to its large size and monstrous appearance. It is also very feared, since it has poisonous glands but its bite is not deadly for humans, although it is very painful. In general, they are found in burrows, in the holes of the trunks or in the crevices of the rocks.

Vagabond spider

vagbond spider

It is a spider with very long legs, hairy and thin, which gives the sensation of being quite large. Its color varies between brown tones and its lower part is yellowish. It is harmless when it is not bothered but its bite can cause serious skin damage, irritations and blisters.

Jumping spider

jumping spider

They are a very peculiar species, with multiple eyes and abundant hairs, which can reach up to 47 times the size of their body. Its bite is not dangerous for most humans but there are those who may have allergic reactions.

Violin spider or brown recluse

brown recluse spider

It is also known as a violinist or corner spider and is one of the most dangerous in the world, mainly because of its painful sting and the poison it injects. They measure less than 1 inch in length and there are different shades of brown, but it can also be black, gray or cream.

Redback spider

redback spider

Some confuse it with the black widow spider, since they have a black body with a red spot on the back. They are not a mortal species but even so it is better to avoid being bitten or bitten, because their bite is usually very painful and the area tends to swell right away.

Brazilian wandering spider

brazilian wandering spider

You have to be especially careful with these spiders, because they are even part of the Guinness Record as the spiders with the most dangerous poison in the world, capable of ending the lives of children, sick people and the elderly. Its venom can cause paralysis and inflame the throat and lungs.

Gold silk orb weaver spider

gold silk orb weaver spider

It is called so because the fabric that weaves seems to be of golden color shining, like threads of gold. Its bite is almost as poisonous as that of the black widow, although it is not deadly for the human being.

Bite or sting of spiders

As we have already seen, there are many species of spiders and their bites may or may not be dangerous. There are those who have allergic reactions to the bite of some species and this, of course, is not something pleasant.

In the face of the bite of a spider we can feel pain, perceive redness and swelling, fever, chills and even muscle spasms, depending on the species that has attacked us.

spider sting

It is very important to identify the type of spider that has made us its victim, since some bites require urgent and more delicate treatment than others, including antivenom serum. Either way, it is recommended to wash the bite area with plenty of soap and water, and if you experience a lot of pain or other serious symptoms, it is best to go to a doctor for assistance.

If you have been bitten by a spider and you recognize that it is harmless, you can wash the area with soap and water, place cold packs and take some pain medicine, it will serve an ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Are spiders dangerous?

Although spiders are not interested in contact with human, they can attack if they feel threatened or bothered, and even their venom can cause varied reactions in certain people.

are spiders dangerous

Some species of spiders are considered more dangerous than others, for example, there are the black widow, the violinist spider and the brazilian wandering spider, whose bite is quite delicate due to the effect of their venom, which they use to immobilize their prey, and there is also the jumping spider that, as we saw, is not mortal but it can produce allergies in certain cases. Almost all spiders are poisonous and there are even some that can cause irritation just by touching them, as is the case with the tarantula.

Finally, a spider bite in the skin of a human can derive in local effects, although if it is a very dangerous species, there may be necrosis or tissue death.

How to eliminate spiders?

If you have a plague of spiders in your house, it is best to hire the services of an expert to perform the respective spraying, especially if you do not know well the type of spider in question. However, if you consider that the situation is not so serious, you can resort to a residual insecticide and spray it in the places where these little animals make their cobwebs, which usually do it in the windows, corners of the walls and door frames .

Another option may be to perform a perimeter treatment with a product for outdoor pest control, which can be used around the foundations of the house.

how to eliminate spiders

Something important to eradicate these bugs completely, is to maintain a continuous cleaning of the home, checking the corners and destroying the cobwebs that we can find. If we have cellars or places that remain dark and closed for a long time, we should try to clean them from time to time to prevent these annoying little animals from making them their new home. We can sprinkle a little arachiside on the frames of the doors and windows, and on any other access that the spiders can use to install themselves inside our house.

Home remedies to eradicate spiders

In addition to what we have already recommended, there are some home remedies that can help you solve the concern of the spiders quickly and very simply.

home remedies to eradicate spiders


White vinegar is a great repellent to keep spiders away and it’s something you already have in your kitchen. Take a bottle with spray and mix a little vinegar and water. Spray the cracks, crevices and places where you know these pesky little bugs can be and that’s it.


The chestnuts serve to scare away spiders, so you can put a few in the frame of your windows to prevent them from entering there. Some people also turn to the Osage orange for the same purposes. Best of all, you can keep both at home for a long time without getting damaged, so it’s worth trying.


Pests like this detest everything that is citric, so rubbing a few orange or lemon peels for the places they frequent is a great alternative to end the problem. In addition to this, you can prepare a mixture of citrus fruits and water and pour it in a spray to spray it through the shelves, window frames, etc., and you can even resort to a furniture wax that has citrus smell to keep spiders far from your rooms.

More tricks that will help you kill spiders

If you have not been satisfied with the home remedies that we have given you or do not have those ingredients at home, we have brought you other tricks that will serve to kill the spiders.

tricks to kill spiders

Use essential oils

Essential oils such as cinnamon, lavender, mint and tea tree are great for controlling spider pests. You can prepare a mixture with 5 tablespoons of natural soap, 5 tablespoons of essential oil and a ¼ of water, pour the liquid into a jar with spray and spray the corners where these despicable bichillos are. This will help eliminate them and prevent more of them from appearing.

Use tobacco

It may sound a little crazy, but it is a more than effective solution, since tobacco is a deadly weapon against insects and arachnids. You can take a pipe tobacco and boil it in a little water and then spray your corners with the liquid.

Traps with glue

You can resort to traps with non-toxic glue to capture these animals and even other insects just as annoying. It is good that you change them often to get rid of the victims that have fallen into them.

If you have spiders in your home, you know what you can do, because here we have given you all the tools you need to solve this problem once and for all.

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