The best tips to fight rats

It is important to know the best tips to fight rats, because these medium-sized rodents can become a terrible plague spreading multiple diseases, frequent garbage, sewers, are in frequent contact with excrement and bodies, which makes them one of the most dangerous animals for the health of human beings.

The rats

Rats are mammals qualified as rodents because they have incisor teeth that do not stop growing which causes these animals to be in need of constantly gnawing different types of objects to wear them out.

Among its main physical characteristics we have:

  • A long tail.
  • The body covered with hair.
  • Snout pointed.
  • They also have rigid ears, two anterior legs and two longer hind legs.

The best tips to fight rats

Since rats are a difficult pest to control once they have invaded your home, I want to show you the best tips to fight rats quickly and easily:

· Baking soda and sugar

The best tips to fight rats

Baking soda is a product with many benefits for the house and one of them is to fight the rats, you only need to mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 of sugar and a cup of water, mix very well until you get a paste then put it in the corners of the house and wait for the rats to consume it, what this mixture will generate is that the rat is inflamed by not being able to release gases and die in a short time.

· Clove and tobacco

best tips to fight rats

Among the best tips to fight rats, cloves and snuff are ideal, since their aroma is very unpleasant for rodents, just spread them in those places where you notice the presence of rats and you can keep them far from your home without need to cause them death.