rat traps

Rats at home? This animal usually invades homes causing panic in its inhabitants. You must eliminate this plague of your home that is why in this article you will learn to use some rat traps for its later extermination.

Traps for rats

Rats can reproduce at a high speed, this catalogs them as one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, on the other hand cats are not a solution to end this evil. Here you know how to exterminate rats from your home.

rat traps

Adhesive traps

One of the best known traps is to use glue or special adhesive for rats. The glue can be purchased at hardware stores, in a cardboard or square board water the glue that is uniform and there are no empty spaces without the adhesive.

In the center it places a bait, the cheese is one of the most used, when the animal is attracted to the bait and comes in contact with the glue it will stay stuck, when trying to detach it will stay more stuck.

Wood and spring trap

This is one of the most popular is a wooden base that holds a steel wire through a tension spring, the bait is placed on the base and when the rat comes in contact with the bait the spring is activated kill the rat almost immediately.

There are also other types of wood rat traps that consist of a wooden bucket with holes where springs go with springs, a wire is in charge of holding the bait and when the mouse enters the bait is triggered the trap as if It will be a guillotine.

wood rat traps

Why exterminate rats

You must keep these rodents away from your home, mainly because they are factors of transmission of diseases such as bubonic plague, leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis and many others.

All cause serious damage to the health of human beings, so you must find a way to eliminate rats from your home.