homemade tricks to kill rats

Rats have characteristic teeth that grow incessantly, which forces them to gnaw various objects in order to decrease the size of them, hence the reason why they are known as rodents, they have a great ability to adapt to any environment, which It has allowed them to be distributed at each end of the planet. They are known for the great damage they can cause in crops, buildings, stored food and the diseases they transmit, among them we have: black plague or bubonic plague, typhus, hantavirus, septicemic plague, leptospirosis and lifoncitic chymomeningitis, however, this can be controlled by taking into account the tricks to eliminate rats.

Homemade tricks to kill rats

The homemade tricks to kill the rats are quite cheap and easy to use, you just need to use them constantly and the rats will not come near your home, among the most outstanding we have the following:

· Keep the house clean

home tricks to kill rats

The main reason why rats are housed in houses is because there is food and waste available for food, if you keep your home clean, garbage properly covered, food in airtight containers and crumb-free carpets will be significantly decreasing. Food sources of rats and therefore will not want to live in your house.

· Natural repellent

homemade tricks to kill rats

Among the homemade tricks to eliminate rats we have natural repellents, the idea is to create an aroma that is very uncomfortable for rats, causing them not to want to approach.

To create an effective natural repellent you only need garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper and horseradish, what you should do is mix all the ingredients with a little water in a container with atomizer, let it sit for 3 days and then sprinkle it on Those areas where rats frequent, the smell will keep them away and if at any time they have direct contact with this repellent they will die.