Home solution to eliminate rats

Rats have a great capacity for adaptation and fertilization which allows them to inhabit any place on earth, they can feed on stored food, waste, garbage, roots, vegetables, insects, birds and even other smaller rats. They are considered a pest because they can kill crops and also transmit serious diseases to humans, so knowing a homemade solutions to eliminate rats is essential.

Home solutions to eliminate rats

It is always better to opt for a homemade solutions to eliminate rats before using chemical and toxic products that can trigger side effects for your family and pets, so I invite you to know the best way to get rid of these dangerous rodents:

· Fizzy drinks

homemade solutions to eliminate rats

Although it seems impressive to you that soft drinks are a homemade solution to eliminate rats, I want to tell you that if it is and very effective, this is because rats do not have the faculty to expel gases from their body, when they drink soda they will suffer a terrible inflammation that will lead to death, just place small containers with soda, in about two days you can see the dead rats.

· Plaster and chocolate

homemade solutions to eliminate rats

Make a mixture with chocolate and powdered plaster will be ideal to kill the rats, they will be attracted to the chocolate and unconsciously ingest the plaster powder, when they take water the plaster will harden and causing a quick death.

· Adopting a cat

Home solution to eliminate rats

A natural enemy of rats are cats, so if you do not want to eliminate them with the previous homemade solutions you have the option of adopting a feline that is in charge of driving off the rats as well as killing those who are wandering around your home.

It is important that you take into account that if you decide to have a cat you should not use any kind of natural or chemical poison for the rats, since the feline can eat some contaminated rat and die as well.