Effective techniques to kill rats

Rats are rodents closely linked to humans, which has allowed them to colonize practically the entire surface of the earth, rats are characterized by being good swimmers and climbers, as well as adapting easily to any environment. They are very agile animals and with a quick reproduction which means that they become a plague quickly, invading in a short time the place where they live, there are some effective techniques to kill rats that are of the utmost importance to know to avoid that the rats take control of your home.

Effective techniques to kill rats

Rats can live anywhere; in the sewers, garbage dumps, plantations, cracks, drains, sewers and more, they are omnivorous animals can feed on practically everything, even some rats feed on their young.

Because the places they frequent are carriers of dangerous diseases for both humans and pets, these diseases can be transmitted through saliva, feces, urine and bites, so knowing the effective techniques to kill rats is essential.

· Sodium bicarbonate

effective techniques to kill rats

Baking soda has many qualities and one of them is to kill the rats, if you mix the baking soda with flour and sugar you will be creating a deadly food for the rats, as they will be attracted by the sweet smell of sugar and texture. of the flour, but when they ingest the sodium bicarbonate they will accumulate gases that will lead them to death in a short time.

· Boric acid

Effective techniques to kill rats

Another effective rat killing technique that is always successful is boric acid, make a mixture of peanut butter and boric acid, make small balls with this mixture and place them in containers under the furniture, near the garbage cans and in the cracks, always taking care that they are not within the reach of children or pets.