The best tips to fight moths

Moths are insects that have 3 pairs of legs, wings covered with scales, head, abdomen and thorax, they feed on stored food, wood, clothing, furniture, paper, cardboard, carpets, toys, decorative objects, among others. Adult moths have a short life and do not cause as much economic damage as larvae, however, in the adult stage they have the opportunity to reproduce and can reach up to 300 eggs, significantly increasing the infestation within the houses, it is important for therefore know the best tips to combat the moths thus reducing the damage they cause.

The best tips to fight moths

The cycle of life of the moths is divided into 4 phases: egg, larva, pupa and adult, being the larval phase the most dangerous from the economic point, since they feed on textiles, furniture or food.

Among the best tips to fight moths we have the following:

· Wash the clothing before keeping it

best tips to fight moths

It is important to keep the laundry properly laundered and ironed to eliminate any kind of larva found among the tissues, thus preventing them from ruining the garment during the time it is stored in the closet.

· Rosemary and mint essential oil

The best tips to fight moths

To protect the furniture and decorative objects apply with a clean towel essential oil of rosemary and mint, the moths will feel uncomfortable with the aroma of these oils and will not come close to feeding or laying their eggs there.

· Laurel and lavender herbs

best tips to combat moths

Among the best tips to fight moths, we have to place bouquets of laurel and lavender all over the house, an aroma that is attractive for our noses but fatal for moths, none will want to get close and those that are already inside the house will flee because they can not stand the smell of these aromatic herbs.