How to avoid an invasion of moths with natural treatments

The word moth, groups to the lepidopteran order and the sub-paraphretic order Heterocera, that is to say, all the butterflies of nocturnal habits although they do not cause damages, the moths in general form feed on stored products or household items such as clothes, furniture or paper, it is It is important to know the most effective natural treatments to avoid an invasion of moths before it is too late.

There are different types of moths considered as true pests from the economic point of view:

The common moth of clothes.
Carpet moths
The flour moth.
Potato moths or potatoes
Grape moth and apple moth.
The wood moths.
Case-bearing moths.
The beeswax moths.

How to avoid a moth invasion?

It is important to avoid an invasion of moths, since their presence can cause important damages to different household objects, among the most effective natural treatments we have the following:

- Vacuuming weekly

How to avoid an invasion of moths with natural treatments

To avoid runa invasion of moths it is necessary to maintain a clean environment free of domestic dust, weekly vacuuming curtains, carpets, and furniture is a good strategy to eliminate the larvae of moths significantly reducing the population of these insects.

- Prepare a natural repellent

avoid moth invasion

You can create a very effective repellent with cloves, rosemary leaves, mint and lavender, place them in small bags and distribute them in the cupboards, drawers, drawers, in the kitchen and behind the doors, the combination of these scents is very unpleasant for these insects, which will scare away any moth that is inside your house.

- Save foods

avoid moth invasion

Remember that the moths can also ruin the food you have stored, so you should store them very well in hermetically sealed containers, so there is no possibility of leaving larvae in the pantry damaging all your food.