Home solutions to remove moths

Moths are insects that have a life cycle divided into 4 phases; egg, larva, pupa and adult, being the larval phase the most harmful from the economic point of view, since they feed on stored products, textiles of animal origin, wood and its derivatives, and can also ruin complete agricultural plantations, in the adult phase have a quite short life period but enough to reproduce, putting approximately 300 eggs, in view of this, it is important to know the homemade solutions to eliminate moths by exercising an adequate control over the population of these insects within the homes.

Home solutions to remove moths

Moths are butterflies of nocturnal habits, during the day they remain sheltered in corners, crevices and corners, but at night they go out in search of food, it is difficult to notice the presence of these insects since they are silent and frequent dark places, but their damages in clothes, carpets, curtains, food, furniture, paper or cardboard are quite notorious.

Among the more recommended homemade solutions to eliminate moths, we have the following:

· Mint and lemon essential oil

Home solutions to remove moths

A very effective way to keep moths away from your home is by adding mint essential oil, water and natural lemon juice into a container with a spray bottle, then sprinkle this mixture in every corner of the house, in the basement, below the carpets, behind the curtains and inside the cabinets.

· Vinegar and orange shells

home solutions to remove moths3

Among the homemade solutions to remove moths in no way should be missing the vinegar, this time you should place it in a container with some orange peels and let it stand for 2 days, then with the help of a spray sprayer throughout your house, you will end up with the moths and any other insect that has entered your house.