find out if there are moths at home with these tricks

Moths are one of the pests that can cause a headache, usually invade the rooms in search of any textile fabric that can be fed. Find out if there are moths at home to exterminate this insect once and for all.

Discover if there are moths at home with these tricks

you have moths at home

One of the infallible tricks to know if you have moths in the house is to check the clothes, they cause serious damage to almost any textile object that they find in their path, if you see in your clothes small holes in the sweater you will find more than one.

Check all the clothes especially that is made of wool, feathers, skin and silk that are the favorite of this small insect.

Another sign that you have moths at home is to see that the clothes look dusty and smell musty. The cobwebs at the corners of the closet is also a sign of moths in the home.

Eliminate the moths of your home

moths of your home

Moths not only attack the clothes, the pantry where you keep the cereals can also be affected by this insect. You must find a way to remove the moths from your home quickly, here are some tips that help you:

  • Wash your clothes, this way you eliminate the eggs of the moths
  • Clean your closet, use water and soap to clean the entire closet and get rid of this evil
  • Brush your clothes frequently after using them
  • Store clothes correctly, the disorder attracts them
  • Having a ventilated cabinet also prevents the proliferation of moths

With this article discover if there are moths at home and eliminate all this plague once. Visit this article if you want to use natural methods against moths: