Things you can do at home to avoid mosquitoes

The most annoying insects at night are the mosquitoes, they are waiting for you to sleep to attack you and feed on your blood. In this article you will know the best way to avoid mosquitoes with natural methods.

Things you can do at home to avoid mosquitoes

Babies are the preferred target of mosquitoes, it is important to protect them from the bite of this insect to protect their health.

In our home we have substances that we use daily and can help us to get rid of this flying pest. Follow these tips and you will not have more mosquitoes at home:

avoid mosquitoes at home

Use mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are a very useful tool to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. They are very used to protect babies in the crib while they sleep, but they can also be used in the windows and doors of the house to avoid the discomfort of these insects.

Lemon tea

Prepare an infusion of lemon and spritz it at home, you can apply it for your skin too, it is an excellent repellent to scare away mosquitoes.

B Vitamin

To avoid mosquitoes in a natural way it is recommended to eat foods in large quantities rich in vitamin B, foods such as mushrooms, chickpeas, lentils and almonds.

Vitamin B makes your skin emit a characteristic smell that is imperceptible to us and that prevents the bite of mosquitoes

avoid mosquitoes

Eucalyptus leaves

Put a little water to boil and add a few leaves of eucalyptus, this infusion emits a powerful smell that scares the mosquitoes. Place the infusion in small containers located in each room and thus the mosquitoes will not approach.

Basil or albeda

Decorate your home with basil or albeda plants, the smell of these plants will move away mosquitoes and will also aromatize the home

I hope that with these home remedies you manage to eliminate mosquitoes from the house.