Homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes

Not all mosquitoes are dangerous to the health of humans, in fact only females of the culicidae family are those that feed on the blood of mammals, this in order to be able to be fertile and put as many eggs as possible , which is why they have mouth pieces with a more elongated design that allows them to pierce the skin, suck the blood and at the same time inject a common poison that works as an anticoagulant, in this process the virus that is lodged in the insect moves to the body of the victim to start the incubation of the disease. There are several homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes in a fast, safe, economic and effective, we will show you throughout this important article.

Homemade tricks to eradicate mosquitoes

It is true that there are different chemical products that can solve the problem in an immediate way, but causing side effects, with the home tricks to kill the mosquitoes you will get the same results without affecting the environment.

Repellent with garlic

Homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes

Garlic is a natural repellent against mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks, grind some garlic cloves very well and put them in a container with water, let it sit for two days, then with the help of a spray spray the entire house and you will finish immediately with the existence of insects.

Cytrus shells

Homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes2

The citrus smells are very unpleasant for mosquitoes, so they will be part of our list of homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes, just put some lemon or orange peels on the windows and doors of the house, remembering to renew them every 3 days.

Chamomile infusion

Homemade tricks to kill mosquitoes3

Prepare an infusion with flowers of chamomile, when it is at room temperature apply it on the skin with a cotton and insects will not come close, in addition the chamomile will keep your skin smooth and healthy.