Home solutions to eliminate mosquitoes

Mosquitoes also known as mosquitoes are insects that must necessarily be in contact with water to complete their life cycle, this is because the larvae of mosquitoes are aquatic. Mosquitoes have spread throughout the planet earth and are responsible for the transmission of lethal diseases such as; Dengue, malaria, chikungunya, Zica, yellow fever and Nile fever, so it is very important to know the best homemade solutions to eliminate mosquitoes before they become a dangerous pest.

Home solutions to eliminate mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are quite selective when it comes to choosing their victims, what mainly attracts them is the carbon dioxide that we breathe out with our breathing, but besides that, the smell that comes out through our pores or the dark colors we wear also make that they feel much more attracted.

Take note of the best homemade solutions to eliminate mosquitoes and keep your family free of lethal diseases:

Home solutions to eliminate mosquitoes

· White vinegar

Vinegar has an acid component that is deadly for mosquitoes, you just need to place the vinegar in a container with spray and spray it in those places where you see a mass of mosquitoes, you can also as a preventive measure sprinkle vinegar throughout your house in the afternoons and mosquitoes will not be seen inside your home.

Trap with soda

homemade solutions to kill mosquitoes

Another one of the homemade solutions to eliminate mosquitos that is very effective, is to create a simple trap with soda and disinfectant, opens some holes to a container and places inside the soda with some drops of disinfectant and allows the mosquitoes to approach, when they ingest the Soda will consume at the same time the disinfectant that will cause them death.

Do not forget to place it out of the reach of children and pets since the consumption of disinfectant can be quite dangerous.