what mites can do to our skin

Mites are a subclass of arachnids that are closely related to humans, currently increasing the number of patients with respiratory and skin allergies, this is due to the amount of time we spend in closed places staying in constant contact with mites found in household dust. If you want to discover what mites can cause on your skin, I invite you to continue reading this informative article.

What mites can cause on the skin

Mites feel more comfortable in those places where more dust, moisture and darkness are stored, such as mattresses, sheets, curtains, carpets, stuffed animals, cushions among others, are considered parasites of plants, animals and humans causing serious damage to health.

what mites can do to our skin

It is necessary to know what mites can cause on the skin and take the necessary measures to counteract them, the main problem is an allergic reaction in general, which is accentuated with the passing of days and if not used Proper treatment can become a bigger problem.

This disease is known as scabies and is caused by direct contact with mites present in mattresses, pillows and bedding, as well as by contact with infested people.

When the mites decide to lay eggs they do it inside the human skin, causing a lot of itching and burning in the affected area, usually the allergy in the skin appears after 15 years after the infection, causing itching on the skin, itching especially in the nights and thin stripes in the whole area.

It is important to exercise control to prevent the spread of the disease, apply treatments on the skin, change savannah clothes every day, expose mattresses to the sun, wash clothes with hot water, avoid using carpets, stuffed animals and curtains.