remove mites from our home

Mites are tiny insects that are housed in stuffed mattresses, pillows, cushions, damp places and dust. They are the main causes of allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis, they eat human skin remains.

It is important that we eliminate mites from our home because one of the most common problems with them is when we sleep, because mattresses and pillows with the favorite places of these animals and where they tend to proliferate in greater proportion. A mite can put in a week of 25 to 30 eggs and there have been cases where in a quilt there are up to a million of these insects.

mites in our home

The excrement they produce is the main cause of allergies, in recent years the population has determined that the number of people suffering from allergies goes on a progressive increase, more than 20% of the world population suffers from allergies. For the above exposed in this post we will help you find a way to eliminate mites from our home.

We must know that washing the sheets is not a strategy that helps us a lot, since the soaps do not kill the mite, they also live mostly on the mattress or pillow, not on the pillow cover, which is why one of The recommendations is to cover the mattress with anti-mite protectors and antiallergic covers.


the best way to eliminate mites from our home

One of the things that we can use to eliminate mites in our home is an anti-allergic air purifier, we must keep the house clean because they also live off the dust, likewise keeping the house aerated. We should try to avoid having so many rugs in the house and we should be careful with these mites for children to avoid allergies to them.