Remove mites from clothes

Has it happened to you that you sneeze uncontrollably, your eyes itch, your nose drips? You are probably a victim of the dust mite attack. Do not worry here you can learn how to remove mites from clothes so they do not continue to bother you.

This small insect can not be seen by the naked eye, but it is common to find it in the dust, the mattress, furniture, curtains, pillows and your clothes. They feed on dead cells, especially those on the skin.

Eliminate mites from clothes

remove mites from clothes 2

What causes the discomfort of this microscopic insect is the excrement of this, it produces the terrible allergies and that is why you must follow these steps to eliminate mites from the clothes:

  • When he wakes up, he leaves the bed comfortable, shakes the sheets, hygiene is a fundamental part to get out of these insects.
  • The clothes should be washed with hot water at least once a week, in this way we eliminate the small animal. Make sure the water is very, very hot.
  • At the moment of rinsing the clothes in all washing it must be done for at least three minutes, in this way we assure that some mites can get rid of the clothes.
  • The drying of the clothes must be done under high temperature conditions, it can be dried in the open air, but it must be exposed directly to the sun.

Eliminate mites with sodium bicarbonate

Considering that your health and that of your family is the most important, another way to eliminate mites effectively is with baking soda, sprinkle a little of this powder on the clothes and let it act for a few minutes, then vacuum the bicarbonate of clothes and rest assured that you will no longer have this problem.

Why remove the mites?

As you already know the excrement of this animal causes allergies that if not stopped in time can cause complications at the level of the nose. You may suffer from rhinitis, sinusitis or any other health problem.