positive things about mites

Mites are very small animals very difficult to detect with the naked eye, they spend their lives living in our mattresses and pillows. This is their favorite place, but it can also be found in places like stuffed animals, carpets, sofas, where there is humidity and dust. Usually this arachnid is one of the pests with which people struggle to get rid of the house permanently.

Considering that these arachnids are almost not seen, it is very difficult to eliminate them but if possible to attack them in order to minimize them or keep them out. If we start to analyze the case of mites we can detect that they are a negative factor for people’s lives, but as a saying goes, “there is no harm that does not come well”.


what are the positive things of the mites

One of the positive things about mites is that they do not mess with us directly, in fact they are harmless and although they live where there is dust, it is not a factor of impurity for us. Actually what causes the greatest damage is the mite excrement, because it contains a substance called guanine which is the main cause of people’s allergies.

On the other hand, the mites feed mainly on the dead skin of us, remember that our skin is renewed every 21 days and once this happens we are formed dead skin flakes in our body, this could be taken as one of the things positive of the mites, since when they feed on the dead skin, it makes us like a kind of cleaning our skin.

There are very few positive things from mites because it is more important to have a life without allergies that do not bother our day to day cleaning our skin, in addition there are products that can keep our skin clean.