how to kill mites

Mites are very small insects whose preferred habitat are mattresses and pillows, they can also be found in carpets, stuffed animals, furniture, dust and where humidity reigns. They usually feed on dead skin cells, these are insects that are in most homes and we do not realize because they are so small and it is important that you know how to kill mites.

This type of insects are the main cause of a large number of allergies or respiratory problems related to asthma, which is why it is important to eliminate this infestation from our home, so this article is oriented to learn how to kill mites.


do you want to know how to kill mites

One of the best ways to kill and repel mites is to use eucalyptus oil with distilled water, mix these components and spray them in the places where the mites are found, preferably in those places where they can not be washed properly, we must avoid humidity since will encourage the proliferation of mold spores.

This you can do three times a week to kill the mites once and for all. It is not known why but the eucalyptus oil is the best remedy to combat mites, unfortunately this substance is not safe for children under 10 years of age so we must be careful when using it, but there are other oils what if they can be used

Another way to use to know how to kill mites is by spraying baking soda in the places where the mites are. Preferably with the mattress exposed, sprinkle some baking soda on all sides of the mattress and let it act for a period of approximately 1 hour. After this time he uses a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the bicarbonate from the mattress, in addition to eliminating the mites it eliminates the odors of the mattress

These are two infallible methods so that you know how to kill mites that you expect to put them to the test.