Home tricks to kill mites

Mites have colonized all environments, both terrestrial and aquatic, are closely related to man causing great economic losses and various health damage. The mites have a very small size ranging between 0.1 and 0.5 mm and are among the domestic dust distributed by each place of the houses, they feed on the scales of the skin as well as the hair, some species live in the body of domestic animals, if you want your home to be free of mites, I invite you to learn the most infallible homemade tricks to end mites.

home tricks to kill mites

Mites are developed more fully in temperatures above 20 ° C and humidity between 70% and 80%, so it is important to control the temperatures and humidity of homes to avoid creating an environment conducive to the development of the Mites. Among the most effective tricks to kill mites and easy to perform we have the following:

apple vinegar

Home tricks to kill mites

Apple cider vinegar contains acidic products ideal to kill mites, you only need to add the vinegar in a container with spray and then spray it throughout the house especially in the bedrooms where mites abound.

sodium bicarbonate

Home tricks to kill mites2

Sodium bicarbonate is another of the tricks to kill mites without much effort, you just have to mix it with water and when you wash the bedding add baking soda, this will allow your sheets and covers are completely free of mites.

aromatic herbs

Home tricks to kill mites3

The scent of aromatic herbs is very annoying for mites, so prepare some sachets with dried leaves of lavender, mint and laurel, tie them very well and place them under the mattresses, this will scare away these unwanted visitors.