Effective techniques to kill mites

Mites belong to the subclass of arachnids considered as parasites of plants, animals and humans, are capable of ruining complete plantations as well as causing various diseases, dust mites are considered responsible for more than 70% of the Allergies, it is therefore important to take into account the effective techniques to kill mites thus preventing their spread.

Effective techniques to kill mites

They are quite small in size, so it is very difficult to observe them at first glance, they can live anywhere in your home, but they prefer bedrooms, especially mattresses and bedding, since the humidity and warmth that they bring together create an ideal environment to survive for a long time.

Among the effective techniques to kill mites we have the following:

avoid pets

Effective techniques kill mites2

Dogs, cats and birds are carriers of mites so if you suffer from allergies it is important that you avoid having pets to minimize the presence of mites in your home.

decrease decoration

Effective techniques kill mites3

Stuffed animals, carpets and curtains are some of the decorations that you should avoid having in excess, since they accumulate a lot of dust and humidity allowing mites to live very quietly, if you decide to keep this type of decoration you should wash them very often with water hot.

aspirate the home

Effective techniques kill mites

When you clean your home, avoid sweeping or dusting, instead use the help of the vacuum cleaner, so you can collect the dust along with the mites without spreading them all over the place.

wash bed clothes weekly

Another effective technique to kill mites is to wash the sheets, pillowcases, mattresses, blankets, quilts and pajamas weekly with water at 60 ° C to kill the mites and their eggs, since that is where they live with more frequency.