Allergies caused by mites

In the home there are many animals that probably are not noticed because of their small size. This is the case of mites, microscopic insects that invade any home and cause severe allergies. This article presents allergies that cause mites and how to avoid it.

The allergies that cause the mites

Allergies caused by mites2

Mites usually inhabit mattresses, pillows, furniture, stuffed animals and carpets are lovers of humid climates, they are also called dust mites because they often inhabit the dust.

These can cause allergic reactions to people when they are exposed and near this small animal.

Among the symptoms of this type of allergies are:

  • Dripping nose
  • Itching of the affected skin
  • Strong and constant sneezing
  • Itchy eyes
  • Cough and a small whistle in the chest when breathing

what causes the allergy reaction?

Mites feed on people’s skin, but their mere presence is not the cause of the allergy but its excrement. When the excrement of the tiny animal comes in contact with people’s skin, the symptoms of the allergy begin.

This reaction can be very annoying, even if you do not manage to calm the symptoms you can begin to feel pain in the area of ​​the nose and throat due to exhaustion suffered by the symptoms

Recommendations against mites

To avoid the allergies caused by mites you must completely eliminate the environmental conditions of the mite, which is why it is recommended:

  • Use wood or plastic furniture, if you use any type of cloth should clean them every day with some anti-mite substance
  • It is recommended to use air conditioning
  • Use rugs that can be washed, wash them frequently
  • Avoid the use of artifacts that increase the humidity of your home’s environment
  • Frequently vacuum the curtains, mattress, furniture, stuffed animals and any other place where the mite is