The cherimoya eliminates the lice

Not only conventional products that we find in pharmacies have the effectiveness to eliminate the hated and dangerous lice. At home we can prepare recipes that will help us get rid of this plague that is not only unsightly, but puts us at risk of contracting diseases.

Fruits to eliminate lice

One of the fruits that is used as a remedy against nits is cherimoya (or anon as it is known in some countries). In reality what serves are the seeds, with which a kind of alcohol or dye is prepared. It will take the seeds, an alcoholic drink (it can be vodka), a glass container and that’s it.

Once you have all the ingredients, crush the cherimoya seeds until they are powdered. They are added in the glass container and the liquor is placed. Cover the jar well and let the mixture marinate for about a week or fifteen days. Every day, that natural lotion has to be shaken so that it is homogeneous.

How to apply the cherimoya mixture against lice

After the maceration period, spread the cherimoya lotion on the hair with extreme caution in order to avoid contact with the eyes. Put a towel or plastic bag on your head for 15 to 20 minutes. Then, use an anti-lice comb to remove all the animals that will come off more easily. In case the condition persists, comply with the treatment three times a week until the goal is met.

Considerations that we must take

The clothes you wear frequently should also be washed very carefully. It is normal for lice to stay in the garments and continue to infect the person. It is a very effective and easy remedy to carry out. So get to work until those undesirable visitors, leave our heads.