prevent lice

Lice are the number one enemies of both children and adults. But how do we make these animals not to take our hair and scalp like a house? It is important to spread prevention, which is quite simple.

How to prevent lice attack

First, teach the child from an early age not to share items such as hats, towels, combs, scarves, etc. Tell them that it is for their exclusive use. Often the children have to check their heads to determine the presence of lice and nits. When they are eggs or smaller it is very complicated to eliminate them, but it is not impossible. Put tea tree essential oil or other types in children’s hair.

They help kill lice, nits and eggs.

What to do to combat lice?

Now, if the child already has lice, look for vinegar and wash the hair with plenty of liquid. Wrap the head with plastic or a cap and leave for an hour. The vinegar will kill the parasites. Once you remove the hat, rinse the hair with some oil to remove the dead bugs and the smell of vinegar.

When combing hair, be sure to untangle it in its entirety. To do this, use an anti-lice comb because their fine bristles and close together, help remove nits from each strand. It should be checked per hair lock to be able to completely finish with this plague transmitting diseases.

Every day, once a boy arrives from school or the park, he checks the head to rule out any abnormality. Infants usually share everything without considering problems. In case you doubt the recommendations, it is ideal to consult a trusted doctor who prescribes a product suitable for the child’s skin. It is not good to let this type of problem go because it can get worse.

Maintain the child’s capillary hygiene to prevent.