Pregnant women also suffer from lice

It is true that lice appear a lot in children. But that does not mean that these cases do not occur in adults and pregnant women. In fact, it is increasingly common for women and men to suffer from the itching produced by these animals that are ravaging the scalp.

Pregnant women; a target for lice

Pregnant women can also be the target of nits and it is in these situations that one must be very careful because not all can take or apply treatments to eliminate bugs, especially if they are women with an early pregnancy.

There is a product that is very effective in any circumstance. It is the essential oil of the tea tree, it is a natural product that is known for its innumerable health benefits. Apply some of this oil to the head and place a hat for a reasonable period of time. Once the deadline is over, you will see how the lice and nits of each strand begin to come out.

How to locate the lice

To help us locate the animals, use a magnifying glass to enlarge and determine much better where the lice are located. Find yourself in a well-lit place and start combing by strands. In this way it will be more effective.

There is a device called None Stop that enlarges the size of things. It also serves a professional vacuum cleaner that “hunts” the lice and removes them completely out of the scalp and hair. And since none of the mentioned is toxic or counterproductive for pregnant women, they can use it without any fear or worry. It is used during pregnancy and lactation without other effects.

Check with the doctor you trust if you are pregnant and have lice. Ideally, do not use anything that may affect both the mother and the baby. Find out about it and solve.