How to remove lice from your children's hair

Head lice affect people, especially children, at some point in their lives. Although they are usually a big annoyance, it is not a subject that should be considered as a seriousness.

Knowing unpleasant lice

In the first place, it is worthwhile to make some clarifications: the lice do not return or jump, they crawl from one person to another. Their presence is treatable, although difficult, but they can rarely cause serious health problems.

They are usually spread by contact between heads, but not by sharing brushes, bedding, or hats, although it is not impossible either.

Lice do not usually affect pets, neither on pillows, bedding, or furniture.

Methods to eliminate lice

The process of extracting the nits is slow, and very tedious. But it is mandatory. There are no “shortcuts” to get rid of them, only by manual means.

One of the most recommended methods consists of combing all the hair of the person with the lice, dividing it into four similar sections. Examine each part of the hair the thickness similar to a paper, hair by hair. Finally, repeat the process until finally there is none left in the head.

It must be taken into account that it is extremely important that all the nits are removed, since otherwise, they will hatch and the cycle will start again.

Lice products

There are a number of products on the market that promise to kill lice, however, they only succeed with adults, but not with offspring or eggs.

Can the occurrence of lice be prevented? Yes, it is recommended in the case of girls who have their hair collected in braids, since when it is salary is more likely to be affected by this situation.

Some believe that mint helps fight nits. However, there are no concrete studies to prove it.