Children with lice a challenge for parents

The most popular problem for some children is suffering from lice. These animals appear more frequently in infants and therefore, parents must be prepared to address this situation that if not resolved, can trigger diseases caused by annoying bugs that generate an unbearable itching.

Why lice should be eliminated manually?

Experts say there are cases in which lice get to disappear on their own for a week. But at the end of that period, they return and it becomes a vicious circle that harms the child. Adults should not panic because there are currently many treatments that help eliminate nits. In the market there are anti-lice brushes, permethrin lotions, vinegar-based remedies, etc.

When children have lice, it is very difficult to remove them completely.

This is due to the fact that the boys develop most of the time in schools or nurseries, where there are other classmates who suffer for these animals. Specialists say that some species of lice have become resistant to the treatments that exist today.

The signs that cause alarm and concern about the presence of lice are that the child scratches the head with much insistence and frequency. It is important to check them in a clear place to find the animals and nits that are white. They reach the neck, the ears, the neck and even the shoulders.

Tools to eliminate lice

An anti-lice comb is the most effective tool to eliminate bugs. Depending on the advice and recommendations given by the pediatrician, we must refrain from using all kinds of lotions and home remedies, as it is not known if it can have side effects on the child’s scalp. The comb has to be used at least three times a week.

Creams with permethrin are quite effective. Once it is placed on the head, it should be covered with plastic bags or caps so that the chemicals fulfill the function of eliminating lice. Obviously, all this work must be done and supervised by parents or adults.