White vinegar to kill the flies

Flies are insects that carry infectious diseases: cholera, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, myiasis, parasitic worms, among others, which are considered very dangerous in the health of human beings. There are many chemical products on the market to kill flies, but they have a negative impact on health and the environment, so today I want to show you a very practical way to eliminate them using white vinegar.

White vinegar to kill the flies

A female fly can put about 9,000 eggs, which become a larva in 24 hours, which means that in a short time can become a plague contaminating everything in its path, but this problem can be avoided using a simple product such as white vinegar:

- White vinegar and baking soda

kill flies with white vinegar

The combination of these two products is a very effective strategy to kill the flies, you only need to mix in a container water, vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda, then sprinkle this mixture throughout the house and eliminate all insects.

- Basil and white vinegar

The basil plant is used to scare away many insects and mixed with white vinegar is lethal for flies, you should only place in a container some basil leaves, white vinegar and water, leave it at rest for 2 days and you will have a natural repellent for kill the flies.

- Lemon juice and white vinegar

White vinegar to kill the flies

Another technique that has been very useful to control flies is to mix lemon juice with white vinegar in a container with atomizer, then you must spread it to each place where you frequent the flies and in a short time they will have disappeared.

- White vinegar and mint essential oil

The aroma of white vinegar and mint essential oil is perfect for flies to stay miles from your home, just mix them in a container with spray and spray it every time you notice the presence of a fly.