Season where there are more flies

Flies are insects endowed with great abilities that allow them to survive different climates and environments, usually they are diurnal, their bodies are covered by sensory silks that allow them to taste, smell and feel all the foods with which they have contact. Decomposing meat, garbage and excrement are odors that attract flies safely, are therefore considered one of the species carrying more diseases for humans, it is important to know the season where there are more flies to take the necessary measures and thus prevent their spread.

Season when there are more flies

The season where there are more flies

It is true that in the winter season a large number of flies die, but a small group is able to survive and is sufficient to reproduce quickly ensuring the survival of the species.

A female fly is able to deposit up to 9,000 eggs in a single laying, in less than 24 hours the larvae appear to feed on the food provided at the place of laying, later they go to the pupa stage where their color changes to brown or red to finally complete the process of metamorphosis and become adults ready to mate.

The season where there are more flies

The season where there are more flies is in the summer in the month of May, in the place, the opportunity to mate and reproduce as many times as the sea can be the number of the species.

Once music has become a subject of medium time and time, there is not enough time to reproduce and become a plague contaminating everything in its path.

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